New Orleans

I am a homebody.  In my group of friends I am known as the “grandma” because I love to stay at home and read a good book.  I also have a reputation of being a flake because I have a tendency to cancel plans.  It’s surprising that I have any friends given my antisocial nature.  The last few years have been tough but in the midst of all the chaos of life, I have made some amazing friends.  Those friends that I made have the travel bug and often try to get me to join.  Well, I finally agreed to go on a trip and I am happy to say I loved not being a homebody for a few days.

I went to New Orleans with a group of seven people.  Most of the people I didn’t know but it was alright!  We rented an Airbnb in the Garden District of New Orleans and let me tell you the area was absolutely beautiful.  The houses were gorgeous with unique designs and features.  The food was so delicious, I mean every single restaurant was good.  I was in a food coma for days.  The people were super friendly and extremely helpful to us tourists.  The nightlife was awesome with each bar/club having live bands with colorful music, and the drinks were pretty darn cheap.  I have nothing but good things to say about my time in New Orleans!

I thought I would share some of my pictures, recommendations, and to-dos for the next time I’m in NOLA.


Cafe Du Monde


I mean it’s pretty much a tourist must.  You have to go at least once in order to satisfy your curiosity.  I like the beignets but they really reminded me of Indian Fry Bread that’s usually served at food trucks in the Southwest.



The Joint

I’m not the biggest fan of BBQ but I got to say this place had great food!  It was located in some random neighborhood and had a great vibe to it.  I would definitely recommend the ribs and pulled pork!



Frenchman Street

Oh Frenchman Street was absolutely a blast!  There were so many different bars that all had great music.  One of my personal favorite spots was the Spotted Cat.  It was a smaller bar with standing room but the band was absolutely awesome.  It had a really great vibe and the drinks were cheap.  Another favorite was the Blue Nile, the music in there was electrifying but the bar stunk like weed.  It wasn’t as friendly as the Spotted Cat but the band was bigger.



French Quarter

I mean you HAVE to go to the French Quarter when you are in NOLA.  It’s a huge tourist attraction nowadays but it’s still pretty cool to see.  There are some really cool bars in the French Quarter and just outside of it.


You have to try a muffuletta when you are in the French Quarter.  It’s such a yummy sandwich!


Pat O’Brien’s 

This place had an amazing courtyard!  Perfect for just sitting back and downing some drinks.




The po boys at this restaurant were amazing!  The potato salad was to die for!



Magazine Street 

This was an awesome street with so many bars, shops, and restaurants.  I really recommend walking down this street during the daytime and day drinking.


Things To Do For My Next Trip to NOLA:

  • Plantation Tour- I am a huge history buff so I think this would be so interesting.  I hear it’s an all day event.
  • Ghost Tour- New Orleans has always seemed so mystic to me so this would be fun!
  • Swamp Tour- Because I mean you kind of have to.

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