Book Reviews: The Husband’s Secret and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Whenever I am happy I find myself reading.  Most times I will read a light chick lit novel, biography, or a thriller.  I have a pretty unique taste in books and a slight book buying addiction.  I thought I would write some mini book reviews and share what I have been reading!

Recently, I read the book The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells.  I hadn’t heard much about the authors but have seen the books on bestseller lists.  So, I was at a recent book fair and decided to pick up the books!  Below are my thoughts on the books.  Do not worry there will be no spoilers!



So, I think a good majority of Moriarty’s books take place in Australia.  The book follows three women who at first seem to live separate lives, but then you realize they are all connected because they come from the same town.  Each woman is dealing with some struggle in her life, whether it be something that happened in the past or is a present problem.  In the book we follow Cecilia, Rachel, and Tess.

Cecilia is a supermom, one of those people that makes you say, “how does she do it?”  She’s got her life on a schedule and runs a pretty tight ship.  One day when her husband is on a business trip she finds an envelope with a letter in the attic.  The envelope is in her husband’s handwriting and it says to open it only in the event of his death.  Cecilia like any red blooded woman is tempted to read the mysterious letter.

Rachel is an older women who lives alone.  She enjoys the company of her grandson and not many other people.  It is revealed that her teenager daughter was murdered decades ago and the killer was never found.  Rachel’s daughter’s death has become an obsession of hers for quite a few years.

Tess is a married woman that seems to have a pretty fulfilled life.  She owns a business with her husband, Will, and cousin, Felicity, who happens to also be her best friend.  Life gets pretty crazy when Felicity and Will tell Tess they are in love with one another.  Tess finds her world turned upside.

I don’t want to give away too much about the book but I will say the ending is so good. Liane Moriarty’s writing is soulful and has a maturity to it.  I highly suggest reading this book and I will definitely be reading more of Moriarty’s work in the future.



The story follows a mother,Vivi, and her daughter, Siddalee.  Their relationship is complicated with many past events scarring them both.  Siddalee is a celebrated play director and cannot share her success with her mother because they had a recent following out.  Throughout the book we are shown what past events have scarred the women and how they try to resolve their issues.

What’s most special about this book is the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  Vivi and her three best friends have known each other since they were little girls and named themselves the Ya-Yas.  The Ya-Yas have a special bond that cannot be penetrated.  There are quite a few flashbacks in the book describing some of the antics of the Ya-Yas throughout the years.

I watched the movie before reading the book which is a HUGE mistake!  I’m sad to say that I actually think the movie was better than the book.  I mean that rarely happens!  UGH.  I do think this book would be appealing to some but it wasn’t my cup of tea.


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