Outside Looking In

A few posts ago I wrote about giving my resignation at work.  Ever since I turned in my resignation I have been stressed and tired.  Mostly because I have a quite a bit of work to finish up and I don’t have a plan for what to do next.  In the midst of feeling bummed and  like a failure something pretty cool happened.  A co-worker and I were having a casual chat when she mentioned a picture she saw on instagram reminded her of me.  Usually, when people say something reminds them of me it’s a funny meme, a picture of an amazing library, or a cute dog.  My coworker showed me a picture of a quote that I have placed below for you to see.


Pretty cool, huh?  I was immediately surprised when she showed me this picture and said it reminded her of me!  I think it shows that even when you question your decisions, there are always people watching you.  To me giving my resignation might feel like failing at something and that’s alright if I have to take it as a loss.  But to others, it’s a sign of leaving a job I hate and sometimes not everyone does that.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it was just really nice to know that someone thinks I’m being brave while I feel like a total failure.


One thought on “Outside Looking In

  1. You are certainly not a failure! You are brave and courageous for taking a stand and deciding that you deserve better, which takes a lot of guts to do. Everything will fall into place; so for now, just enjoy the new adventure. And plus, you could always start a new adventure in another state, like Minnesota…


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