National Achievers Congress

I love a good inspirational quote, especially when you are in a rut.  I’ve always been a fan of Tony Robbins every since Shallow Hal (I was like 12, give me a break).  But seriously, I listened to a TED talk he gave about 10 years ago and was mesmerized.  I loved the way he was able to communicate his point to the crowd and really got your wheels turning.  Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.  Seriously, watch it, even if you are a skeptic!

Now that I’ve finished talking about my love for Tony Robbins, let’s get to the meaning behind this post.  I recently attended the National Achievers Congress, it’s basically a conference where 6 or 7 speakers come and share some of their expertise.  You’re probably thinking I am some crazy person that gets involved in pyramid schemes.  I swear I am not!  I’ve always wanted the chance to see Tony Robbins live and this was my opportunity!  So, let me give you some details of the event, tell you the speakers, and some takeaways.  And no, I did not sign up for any of those classes they try to sell.


  • Nick Vujicic
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Tony Robbins

*There were quite a few more speakers, but I didn’t take notes when they spoke.

Set Up:

I arrived at 7:30am on a Monday morning.  That was rough.  The conference was supposed to start at 8:30am, so I wanted to get there earlier.  It took about 15 minutes to get checked in, grab coffee, and find seats.  The whole time while waiting in theater loud ass music played, it was designed to pump you up.  Trust me, it did not help wake me up, if anything it made me grumpy, but then again I am not a morning person.  At 8:30am, Adam Markel came out screaming and jumping around, trying to get the crowd moving.  Markel spoke for a few minutes and then introduced the first speaker, Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic

Now let me tell you, Vujicic rocked my world.  That man is inspirational and has an ability to put everything into perspective.  He was born without legs and arms.  So you can only imagine the struggles he’s faced throughout his life.  I went from being grumpy and slightly annoyed to having tears in my eyes!

Here’s what I took from Nick’s talk:

  1. HOPE is everything.
    • I mean that makes senses for someone born without any limbs.  It resonated with me on so many different levels when he said that short sentence.  As someone who has dealt with depression in the past, hope is sometimes the only thing you want a glimpse of.
  2. FAITH= full assurance in the heart
  3. You have to be your biggest encourager
  4. In order to live a fulfilled life you have to be able to answer these two questions:
    1. Who are you?
    2. What do you want?
  5. Master leveraging- your assets and community.
  7. If you have to let a dream die, don’t let it kill you.
  8. Some other questions he asked:
    1. What are you most thankful for?
    2. What’s most dearest to you?

Conclusion: Nick was probably my favorite speaker that day because he made me cry, laugh, and feel hopeful.


Lisa Nichols

Lisa was awesome!  She came out dancing to Uptown Funk and had a great energy about her.  I was smiling and feeling empowered by the end of Lisa’s talk.

Here are some takeaways:

  1. Some of your best motivation will come wrapped in sandpaper.
    • Lisa mentioned that in the past she was a single mom living on welfare and couldn’t afford diapers for her son.  That stressful time in her life gave her the motivation to want to create a positive change in her life.
  2. Stop asking for permission.
    • Have you ever dimmed your light for someone?  Have you ever pretended you didn’t like something because the group you were hanging out with didn’t think it was cool?  I know I have done all of those things in my past.  In a past relationship, I turned my personality way down because the asshole was annoyed so easily.  Lisa is all about not asking anyone for permission.  Living life as your true self.
  3. Your convictions and convenience do not live on the same block.

Conclusion:  Lisa’s message is all about living life at 159% while not dimming your light for anyone.  If someone can’t handle you or they choose not to like you, well then that’s their problem.  You will only get results if you’re willing to do what you’ve never done before!


Dean Graziosi

Dean is a real estate guru.  He has investments in hundreds of properties in the US, and teaches courses to show people how to flip and sell houses or buy houses to rent out.  I really liked Dean right off the bat because he just seemed down to earth.  There was no loud music and jumping up and down.  Dean spoke about real estate a majority of the time and he is extremely knowledgable, but that wasn’t my big takeaway from his talk.

Here’s what I took away from Dean’s talk:

  1. 7 Levels Deep (He had a different title, but I forgot to write it down).
    • This 7 questions deep exercise is supposed to help you get down to your WHY.  Why do you do the things you do? It starts out simple with either yourself or someone else asking you a couple of questions.  Below is a sheet from his website, you can change the words out to make it apply to yourself.

What is important about this event, to you?
What do you really want?

How would it feel for you to _______?

What would _______ do for you?

What would happen if you didn’t get _______?
What happens when you imagine _______?

Specifically, what is important about _______ to you?

What is important about _______ to you?
What is important about this event, to you?

2. You need a strong enough WHY.  If you don’t have a good reason for going after something or if it doesn’t mean that much to you, then it’s pretty obvious you won’t give it your full 100%.

3. Working on your weaknesses is a lie.  Dean actually said it was bullshit.  His advice is to find your strength and go all the way with it.

4. Here are a couple of questions he told the audience they should be able to answer.

  • Where are you in life right now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Why the hell do you want it?

It’s time to attach a why to where you want to go.

Conclusion: Dean spoke about 10-15 minutes about finding your WHY and then he went into his real estate mumbo jumbo.  I thought his was well versed in all things real estate and had me even convinced, but I found that the beginning of his talk was so much more valuable to me.  Finding out why you love a certain field or why you have a certain dream can take you far and motivate you.  And I am not talking about surface level answers, but really digging deep and finding your WHY.



Alright, you probably scrolled down everything else I wrote in order to finally get to this section.  No harsh feelings!  Tony Robbins was way different than I expected him to be.  I mean yes, he was energetic and positive, but he was also a little raunchy.  I think he used certain words for shock value and sometimes it left a bad taste in my mouth.  Or it could have irked me because I’m not used to motivational speakers having potty mouths.  Tony was also really hyper.  At random times you could tell it was planned for music to start playing and he would do this weird clapping thing that really annoyed me.  Like really annoyed me.  God, I sound like such a grump.  Here watch this video below.  I mean he did it like every 5 minutes!

Anyways, now that I got my complaining out of the way. Tony was extremely insightful and motivating.  I thought he would be one of those speakers where afterwards you want to go buy all his books and go to his seminars because you wanted more.  But surprisingly, I felt very satisfied that I could take the things I learned and apply them to my life right away.

Here is what I took away from Tony’s talk:

  1. We’ve been taught to be passive.
  2. We follow patterns and those patterns are what makes us unhappy.
  3. We’ve got to own the truth and put ourselves in the right state of mind consistently.
  4. Our worst nightmare is somebody else’s dream.  Put it in perspective.
  5. The culture makes you believe you are a manager of your circumstances and not a creator of your life.

Two Master Skills of Life

  1. Science of Achievement
    1. 80% of success is mental
    2. 20% of success is mechanics
  2. Art of Fulfillment
    1. What fulfills you will be different from everyone.

So, basically the Science of Achievement is finding something in your life you desire and make it apart of your life.  It becomes something you become obsessed about and turns into a pattern.

Tony gave an example where he asked the crowd if they’ve achieved something that seemed impossible.  Many people raised their hands, and he said, “do you remember how you achieved the impossible?  It became something you were obsessed about and worked towards.”  That’s basically what the Science of Achievement is all about, creating a pattern to get you to your goal.

The Art Fulfillment is basically learning how to be fulfilled.  “Success without fulfillment us the ultimate failure,”says Tony.

Three Forces of Creation

  1. Focus: The power of absolute clarity and commitment
    1. A hunger that won’t go away
  2. Massive Action: Effective Execution
    1. Stay awake – if it’s not working try something different
    2. Failures will be a learning experience
  3. Grace
    1. The more you acknowledge grace the more it shows up in your life


Patterns To Becoming Fulfilled 

  • You must grow
    • Happiness=Progress
    • continuously progressing will give us success
  • Law of Familiarity
    • if you get around anything enough you will take it for granted
  • Decide you are going to live in a beautiful state of mind no matter what
    • life is too short to be scared
  • Trade you expectations for appreciation


The 90 Second Rule

Tony gave an example of how to take yourself out of the pattern of being upset, mad, or ungrateful

  1. Take three deep breaths and focus on your heart
  2. Think of three things you are grateful for

When we can catch ourself in a suffering state we can make a shift.

fear, worry, uncertainty —> suffering states

My conclusion on Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins is like an enigma wrapped in a riddle (housewives tagline, I know), but I feel like it fits not only Erika Jayne so well, but also Robbins.  I never know what the man is going to say and I kind of dig it.  While listening to him speak, I felt like I learned something new every five minutes!  I had to keep my pen and paper close so I could write down all the wisdom he was laying down.  What really hit home for me was when Tony said, “What if everything that ever happened to you happened to have a purpose? What if life was happening for you and not to you?”  I mean WOW!  We have this mindset (pattern) that we think everything is happening against us.  What if we actually took a minute and reflected on how this misfortune could be working in our favor in the long run?  Or that it’s something we can learn from?  Or that it hurts like hell right now, but at the end of the tunnel we will become ever stronger because that tragedy happened.  What if everything that ever happened to you is helping create the resilient you?!  I mean come on, if that shit isn’t inspirational to you, then I don’t know what will be!  I am a total sucker for believing that bad things are happening to me and not for me, I mean that’s an extremely tough pattern to break.  But after listening to Tony talk I want to change my mindset.  Who wants to be chained to negative thoughts and impressions?!! NOT ME!  I’m ready to get out of this sick way of thinking and put everything into perspective.

Another thing that Tony said, “Achieving to be happy never lasts, who you become in pursuit of that will make you happy.”  We have a decision to make today on how we take what life hands us.  I think that’s such a powerful sentiment, especially in a world where it seems like you have little control over anything.

Here are some other sayings that caught my attention:

  • Peak performance comes from being in a peak state.
  • Emotion is created by motion.

Overall, I was very impressed with Tony Robbins and his message.  Do I think I will practice everything he said?  Probably not, but the main idea behind his message really hit home for me.

Conclusion for the whole event:

I would give this event a B+.  I was expecting to like it a lot more and I think what brought my score down was the fact that some of the speakers would try to sell you things at the end.  There was also a few times where they would say something like “we only have 50 of these goody bags, first come first serve.”  I mean honestly?  Really?  This isn’t some game show or place where people want to get up and run like a dog to a ball.  Have little bit more respect for your audience.  I left out a few of the speakers because I may have fallen asleep or was waiting in line for a hot dog when it was their turn.  Is it bad that I don’t regret those decisions??

Anyways, I really did enjoy a few of the speakers and took away a lot of new best practices that I hope to implement in my everyday life.





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