Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I recently gave my resignation at my work.  It was a decision I had been brewing on for quite some time.  I was not happy in my position, felt undervalued, and there was no room for growth.  Usually, I am a nervous wreck before breaking big news to people, especially when it’s news I know they are not going to like.  I am a total people pleaser and often put others before myself.

For the first time in a very long time, I don’t know my next steps.  I absolutely have no idea what will happen next.  It’s a little exhilariting because I am such a planner and hate change.  I feel like I can finally breath and I don’t have a weight on my shoulders anymore! Woohoo!  This year for me is all about positive changes and really listening to myself.  Why stay in a job that makes me so unhappy?  Life is so short and I am determined to put myself first.

I love this song below.  I always think of giving your notice as breaking up with your employer.  It’s never an easy thing to do.



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